Hearing Loops enhance efficacy of hearing aids and cochlear implants and promote satisfaction and engagement in growing community of hearing aid wearers. Watch this explanation of how Hearing Loops work, in this excellent video is courtesy of OTOjOY.

With Hearing Loops, hearing aid users can hear better, and have increased speech comprehension in challenging settings

If like most hearings aids today, yours are equipped with a T-coil, a Hearing Loop installed in the places you attend, -- be it your worship place, theater, a conference room in your workplace, bank, doctor's office or pharmacy -- will enhance your ability to hear and understand speech, by bringing sound from the microphone or audio system directly to your hearing aids, while suppressing background noise and reverberation.  

Ask your local merchant, your religious congregation, your employer to consider installing a Hearing Loop. A satisfied patron will return, a participating worshiper will attend, an engaged employee will be more productive.

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Hearing Loops make businesses more competitive, worship more relevant, public venues more inclusive

36 million Americans have hearing loss, 17% of the U.S. population, compared to less than 2% who have other physical impairments. About 25% wear hearing aids and adoption is growing at a yearly rate of 5%.

Hearing loss affects all ages, 43% of people over 65, yet it's growing in young people as well.

A Hearing Loop in your facility, business, professional practice, or place of worship can increase attendance, participation and engagement. The 2010 revision of the Americans With Disabilities Act require the provision of assistive listening systems in public venues, like theaters, lecture halls and stadiums.

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Hearing Care Professionals can help their patients maximize the benefits of their hearing aids   

Telecoil-equipped hearing aids working with Hearing Loops have the potential of providing the most benefit to many. All the patient needs is telecoils in their hearing aids. Once programmed, there is no need to pair with, or use additional equipment.

Over 60% of hearing aids dispensed in the U.S., including mini models, have a Telecoil. Used with a Hearing Loop at church, the subway and challenging listening situations, will typically result in a much improved SNR (signal-to-noise ratio)

Consider installing a Hearing Loop in your office to demonstrate benefits to your patients, or get involved in projects in your community as a marketing outreach program to attract new patients.