Promoting Hearing Loops

Increasing Awareness

If you have experienced a Hearing Loop let others know how it improved your listening experience. It is up to hearing aid users, to make others aware that Hearing Loops are out there and that they can greatly improve the lives of people living with hearing loss. Venue owners need to know that most hearing aid wearers can benefit from Hearing Loops and that they are by far their preferred assistive listening system.

A satisfied patron will return, a participating worshiper will attend, an engaged employee will be more productive, and a fulfilled citizen will feel included.

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When You Experience Hearing Difficulty Ask for a Hearing Loop

If you are at a venue that doesn't provide an acceptable listening experience, let them know about Hearing Loops. Share stories of how you and others have benefited from Hearing Loops.

From past experience, the best way to affect change is to stand up, complain and explain that you are having a problem. Ask the venue owner to consider installing a Hearing Loop. Do not be passive thinking that nothing can be done, if you have difficulty hearing in a public place. If a microphone is used, but the acoustics are poor, a Hearing Loop may be of great help to you and to others.

Please Download an Advocacy Card >