Places Where Hearing Loops Help

Places of Worship


Churches/Places Of Worship

Churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques are ideal sites for Hearing Loop systems. When microphones and public address (PA) systems are used, this clean voice signal can be easily transmitted by the Hearing Loop, and sent directly to the listener's hearing aids. Hear the difference in this Demo.

The advantage is listeners use hearing aids they already own and as a result, the sound is optimized for their personal hearing loss and needs.

Hearing aid wearers prefer a Hearing Loop instead of the hassle and embarrassment of special receivers and headsets.


Theaters and Auditoriums


Theaters, Lecture and Concert Halls, Auditoriums and Cinemas

The 2010 revision of the Americans With Disabilities Act, require that assistive listening systems be provided in assembly areas that have audio amplification. This requirement can be met cost effectively with the installation of a Hearing Loop.

For theaters, this means payback from increased attendance at movies and plays by people with hearing loss; many of whom report no longer going, because of the challenges of hearing.

For auditoriums this means making events optimally accessible to all attendees.


Businesses and Other Public Places 


Conference Rooms, Doctors' Offices, Pharmacies, Banks, City Council Chambers, Court Rooms, etc.

In many settings, hearing aids are insufficient, because turning up their volume magnifies extraneous noise and reverberation. With a Hearing Loop, the voice signal from your sound system can be sent directly to the listener's hearing aids, clean of ambient noise. Listen to this real-life example.

Hearing Loop systems can be configured to reduce spillover into surrounding areas outside of the Looped area. Confidentiality is not an issue if the Hearing Loop system is properly designed and installed.


Other Venues


Other Venues 

Other Places that can help people with hearing loss are:

  • Retirement Communities, Nursing Homes, Hospitals
  • Drive-Through Stations, Ticket Counters, Teller Windows
  • Museums
  • Airports, Train Stations, Information Desks
  • Tour Buses that utilize PA systems for announcements or movies
  • Home TV Rooms (Watch this Demo)