Elequip was founded to give hearing aid wearers in NJ, PA, NY, CT and FL, the ability to improve their listening experience in places of worship, senior centers, ticket booths, theaters, conference rooms, auditoriums, banquet halls, stadiums, courtrooms, and other venues that pose challenging listening environments for hearing aid wearers.

With an active aging population in the U.S., growing number of hearing aid users - enjoying better, smaller and more accessible technology - and the revised requirements of the American with Disabilities Act in 2010, Elequip is driving Hearing Loop adoption for the betterment of the lives of hearing aid wearers.

To achieve that goal, an Audio Frequency Induction Loop System, or AFILS, a relatively new acronym for assistive listening systems, commonly known as "Hearing Loops", has to be properly designed, installed and commissioned. Elequip brings the expertise and resources to deliver a comprehensive Hearing Loop solution that will provide a better hearing aid user experience.


Ricardo Urdaneta, General Manager of Elequip has a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, and has been studying electric and magnetic fields for most of his career; with over 25 years of experience in design, installation and commissioning of professional video and audio systems for institutional, commercial and residential applications, including IEC certified Hearing Loops.